High Potency

A Vast Amount of Vitamins and Minerals in Each Capsule

100% Vegan

Unlike Most Multivitamins on the Market, LXR's Multivitamin is 100% Vegan, Engineered Specifically to Support a Vegan Diet

Plant Based Capsules

Most Capsules are Made Of Gelatin Derived From The Skin, Bones, Organs and Connective Tissues of Animals. Our Capsules are Plant Based and Vegan

Genuine vegan certificate

While Many Products Say They are Vegan Friendly, They Use 'Self-Made' Certificates. Our Products are Certified Vegan by The Vegetarian Society

Quality and Sustainability

Manufactured to GMP Standards in the UK to Support British Economy. Manufactured with 100% Green Energy and Filled into Carbon-Free Detectable Black Jars for Easy Recyclability

LXR Vitamins Daily Elite Multi Vegan High Potency Multivitamin capsules

Nourish the Body and Mind with LXR Vitamins VEGAN Élite Multi

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